10+ best webtoons manhwa websites in 2021

The best webtoons(manhwa) websites tell you something korean comics in 2021

What is the webtoon?

You may already know that Korean comics, also known as manhwa, were first released in the 1940s. Manhwa is very diverse in all topics, which has attracted a large number of readers since its debut. In each period, there will be different characteristics, which means that manhwa will have to go through things to avoid things that should not be. In the new era with developed technology, manhwa is no longer printed as much as before, but instead manhwa is published as a digital story. This is great and very convenient for the reader. However, manhwa still exists in the original language, so for foreign readers, it is difficult for them to read. There have been many translations but this is still not legal. Fortunately, these days, websites have added stories in many other languages, and many even offer them for free.

Common types of webtoon
Fantasy: Until now, we have always believed that only superheroes can do extraordinary things. That may no longer apply today where talented creators have written stories that leave us “mind blown”. Some famous names must be mentioned such as “Dead Days”, “True Beuaty”, … These are all popular manhwa today.

Romance Manhwa: If you love K-dramas, this is definitely the genre for you. There have been quite a few movies adapted from these series. Movies about ugly ducks who dream of becoming a beautiful swan or emotional stories that touch readers’ hearts. Some names must be mentioned: “True Beauty”, “Misaeng”,…

Supernatural and Horror Manhwa: This genre can be quite similar to the fantasy genre because there are many similarities. However, this genre also has a difference, that lies in the supernatural elements. A good example to mention is “Devil Number 4” where a girl wants to have everything and the way she does it is to give her soul to the devil to get it.

Thriller Manhwa: Readers whose favorite genre is criminal psychology is this for you. A prominent name “Bastard” is a short film about an unfortunate boy whose father is a serial killer. What happened?

BL Manhwa: BL is a genre that has emerged recently. This is a genre that talks about the love between two guys that is usually aimed at female readers. The reasons why webtoons manhwa are becoming more popular.
There are thousands of reasons why webtoon is becoming more and more famous and familiar to readers. The first is webtoon publishing. Back in the day the webtoon would be printed and that was quite time and money consuming. But now webtoon is published online and readers only need a mobile device connected to the Internet to be able to read their favorite series. If with print, the reader would have to turn each page, but now on the phone, just scroll up to continue reading. With the online application, the webtoon is presented beautifully, the layout is clear, simple, and easy for readers to use. With the development of current technology, users will prefer to use their phones to study rather than holding books. Anywhere, anytime they can read the webtoon. As mentioned above, the webtoon manhwa has been translated into many languages, which means that the webtoon has reached many readers around the world.

If you are the webtoon lover , you can find best webtoons online in this list in 2021

1 – Webtoon.uk
2 – Manhwa.info
3 – Manycomic.com
4 – Manytoon Comics
6 – Lightnovel.mobi
7 – Freewebtooncoins.com
8 – Readfreecomics.com
9 – freenovel.me
10 – Freecomiconline.me